We all know the problem: you want to keep fit but you lack the motivation to exercise, especially during day-to-day working life. How can you incorporate exercise into everyday life? How do you beat laziness?

We’ve asked Thomas, from our Keller Sports x Nike Marathon Team, how he approaches this issue. Training regularly before a marathon is a must, so we’ve asked him some questions to find out how he does it.

How can I incorporate exercise into everyday life? How do I find the motivation to train while I’m working? Here are some answers and tips for you:   Thomas-Loke-Keller-Sports-Marathon-Team  

Why is it important to exercise every day?

Sports have become much more than just a hobby or a way to relieve stress from working at the office. Finding time for fitness has become part of my everyday routine. I can feel how it improves my health and spares me some aches and pains while I’m sat at my computer all day.

How often do you run? Do you prefer to train in the morning or in the evening, and why?

  I usually run three times a week. On weekdays, I’ll go for a run straight after work, in the late afternoon, so I can make the most of my evenings. On really hot days over the summer, though, I set my alarm clock for sunrise and set off for a run then.

I did that so I could bear the temperatures. I tend to wake up early naturally, so at the weekend I run in the mornings - that’s when you tend to see the Berlin night owls coming back home from a party.   Sport-Motivation-im-Alltag  

How do you motivate yourself to train before/after work?

Sports have been with me for my whole life, so I’d describe myself as a very ambitious person. I’ve been focussing on running for almost three years now. I’ve been setting myself new goals regularly from the beginning, and I don’t think I’d achieve those goals without the right amount of motivation.

At the start, I found that it helped to run as part of a group. My roots lie in team sports, so I soon found interest in meeting up regularly with like-minded people. Tips from more experienced runners helped me incorporate sports into my everyday life.

I also find the challenges in the KELLER sMiles app particularly motivational. It was one of those that got me into the Keller Sports x Nike Marathon Team, after all.

What’s your training routine like?

As a general rule of thumb, I plan a regenerative run at the start of the week. Towards the end of the week, I’ll do some interval training on the running track. A longer run follows over the weekend.

I usually plan my weekend run in preparation for an upcoming competition. For example, as I’ve got the marathon coming up in Berlin soon, last weekend I ran 35k from Berlin-Wannsee to Potsdam and back.

The rest of the week is filled with alternative workouts that focus on stability and mobility - these are no less important and I take care not to skip them. My training routine serves as an orientation point and adds more rhythm and structure to my running training.   Sport-im-Alltag-Thomas-Loke  

Are there days when you can’t find the motivation to train? What are your tips for days like that?

Of course, I’ve had (and continue to have) days like that. Most of the time I just grit my teeth and try to beat the weakness. From experience, I can tell you that workouts on those days usually turn out to be the best ones, and the feeling afterwards is incredibly good. When I fail to motivate myself, I try not to cancel the entire workout. If the day simply doesn’t allow me to work out, I’ll just train the next day instead. You just need enough self-discipline and flexibility to achieve your goals regularly.

Do you watch what you eat? Is it even possible to do that every day?

Luckily for me, my company’s staff catering offers a brilliant choice of food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a little snack in between, you’ll find anything you need here. Our canteen offers five different dishes every lunchtime, so I always find something I like.

The benefit of this is that I don’t get sucked into the endless circle where you end up resorting to unhealthy fast food. I do have one rule though: I start the day at the office with a big bowl of porridge and fresh fruit.   Training-und-Motivation-im-Alltag-1  

Does your employer support your active lifestyle?

My employer actually runs a company sports club that has all kinds of activities on offer. From fishing to Zumba and everything in between, there really is something for everyone. Apart from that, a small, independently organised running group formed not long ago - I join it now and then.

We also attend regular events themed around sports and health. June’s company motto was “Stay fit and motivated together”.

In a nutshell

As you can see, it is possible to find the time for fitness alongside your job. All that you need is discipline and motivation. Why not use your employer’s offers to help incorporate exercise into your everyday life?

We hope our tips will help you find the time to train in your everyday life - your body will thank you for it. How do you go about incorporating fitness into your life? Have you got any tips to add on how to exercise despite being busy at work? What’s your motivation to practise sports? This is how Nike helps motivate us.