More power? More control? More spin? You decide how you want to play and what your racket should accomplish. The string pattern is an essential thing to keep in mind when choosing a suitable tennis racket. But what is the right one?  

The differences in string pattern

The grid is known as a string pattern that results from the stringing of a tennis racket. Depending on how many main and cross strings are in the frame, the string pattern is either relatively open (with a 16x19 string pattern) or even denser (with a 18x20). With an open string pattern of 16x19, the gap between the strings is bigger, so the ball penetrates deeper in the string bed and is attacked harder (generally the wear of the strings is correspondingly higher). Such a racket is especially supportive for rackets with spin – no matter whether it’s topspin, slice or your serve. A tight string pattern guarantees more control and protection of the joints, because the tennis ball doesn’t go so deep into the strings and therefore the contact time with the racket (and the period your muscles are under stress) is overall not as long. Of course you have to understand both of these in relation to the head size of the racket, because with a big head of 18x20 strings they are barely tighter than on a small racket with 16x19 strings. Your preferences are the most important thing to consider when choosing the right tennis racket. Head size and stringing are only two criteria. What else it depends on, we explain in this post. You will find a selection of rackets and strings in our shop.  
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How often should I change my strings?

…a question which is getting asked more and more often in this regard. The easiest answer to that is the rule of thumb – change your strings as many times as you play tennis per week. So if you play tennis three times a week, that means changing your strings three times a year. In any case, the beginning of the indoor and the outdoor seasons are good times for such a change. Would you also follow this rule of how often to change your strings?