With our partner Hydroflask we now have the next generation of thermal flasks in our range. However, there is more to those brightly coloured bottles than meets the eye. They not only offer you a place to store drinks, but are also equipped with so-called TempShield. This means that ice-cold drinks stay ice-cold for up to 24 hours, while warm drinks retain their temperature for up to 6 hours. Another benefit of the vacuum is, of course, the low weight. Thanks to TempShield these bottles no longer need a heavy bottom plate like other thermal flasks, so this means Hydroflask bottles are the lightest of their kind.Hydro-Flask-Photography-Hydration-Creek_TY_M5853

Apart from being able to keep drinks at the same temperature for a long time, these bottles also conserve the second most important facet of a drink: its taste. The bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel which does not change the taste of the drink it holds. As Hydroflask says: “Today's Indian Pale Ale won't taste like yesterday's margarita”.

FlexCap, an innovative bottle mouth, makes these flasks the ideal piece of equipment. The mouth is honeycomb-shaped and it also protects the temperature of the drink so it stays cool or warm for longer. The flexible bracket allows you to carry the bottle comfortably and take it with you everywhere. We are really impressed with these bottles! If you love to have hot tea at hand while you hike or ski, or if you want to enjoy a cool drink while sat next to a lake, you should definitely check out Hydroflask bottles. #unexpectedrefreshment.Hydro-Flask-Photography-Coffee-SkiLift_0162