For sure many of you often wonder what the best time of the day is to practice sport. A while ago we already shared some tips with you about when it can be useful to run in the mornings – you can read that information again in this post. For those who prefer to exercise in the evenings, we will now explain how training and sleep can be best combined so you fall asleep easily.

The ideal time for training

As already mentioned, you should first find out if you are a morning or an evening person when it comes to training. If you wake up in the morning as soon as your alarm goes off and you feel fit, then there is nothing to stop you from getting up and training straight away. If that is not the case it would be best to postpone your workout until the evening hours. You should take care not to train too late before going to bed as you risk not being able to fall asleep easily.

Yoga for improved sleep

Thanks to special yoga techniques, such as relaxing exercises or breathing exercises, experts have discovered that this kind of sport leads to improved sleep. The more relaxed you are when you go to bed, the deeper you sleep – and yoga can help you do that.

Recovery time

You should have at least 30 to 60 minutes of relax-time before going to bed, so avoid planning your evening workout too close to bedtime. Read a book, meditate or take a hot bath instead, anything that really relaxes you. Your brain also needs a break before going to sleep; if you go to bed with a lot on your mind then it may help to write a to-do list for the next day. This way you can fall asleep feeling relaxed.

The right nutrition

Drink enough during your evening training, but not too much. Make sure you do not eat anything too heavy after exercising either, as this could sit heavily in your stomach and prevent you from falling asleep quickly.