Some time ago we explained in a post why trail running in autumn is such a good alternative to running on the road. Today we will talk about the most important equipment tips for your first trail run.

Appropriate shoes

The perfect footwear and the right tread are even more important to have on trails than on tarmac. Trail running shoes should offer more grip and a more aggressive tread to provide additional support when you run on forest paths or rocky trails. As well as this, these special shoes ensure an optimal landing phase, making you faster overall. Some shoes have a protective plate in the forefoot area to shield your feet from stones or tree roots that could press into the shoe otherwise. A waterproof Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet nice and dry.


On longer trail runs we recommend you take a hydration pack. This not only ensures you get enough liquids, but also offers storage space for spare clothes or a small medical kit. We would advise you to pack a thin raincoat and a warm top in case the weather turns bad or you go up a mountain and start feeling cold. To avoid carrying too much weight, gels and energy bars are the best snacks to bring along. Once you're reached your destination you'll have enough time to relax and have a nice soup to warm up and restore your strength.