Our partner Asics has improved the Gel-Quantum 360, using a new upper to produce the Asics Gel-Quantum 360 Knit. The name already suggests something about the running shoe. With Gel damping from heel to toe (so, 360° damping), every step is optimally cushioned for a comfortable run. The special knit upper has been made out of an innovative mesh for the latest version of the shoe. This not only improves the comfort and fit but also the breathability and air circulation within the shoe.

Apart from the soft damping, the Gel-Quantum 360 Knit comes with a Propulsion Plate throughout the length of the shoe that enables a strong push-off phase and a dynamic, reactive run. The Solyte midsole is also cushioning and supports you during the push-off phase. The high amount of Gel in the shoe means that this footwear is not the lightest of its kind but is perfect for 5k, 10k and 15k runs. This shoe impresses on the treadmill as well, as the tough ground is neutralised by excellent damping. Apart from its many Asics technologies, the Gel-Quantum 360 Knit is also a good-looking shoe that can be worn for everyday activities. What do you think of this new Asics running shoe?



Video: Facebook/Asics