In 2003, two friends (both called Stefan) went to Portugal to surf. After a tough night building a tent on a sand dune and not sleeping a wink because of the unrelenting rain, they woke up with fresh thoughts on how conventional tents could be improved. They spent the morning thinking about it and talking it over, without knowing that they’d come up with a fantastic idea. It took another five years for their thoughts to develop and take shape. In 2011, after several material and construction tests, they made the first fully inflatable tent and called it “The Cave”. The aim is to make all travellers who are far from home feel a little more homely inside their tents. That’s what inspired the brand’s name: “Heimplanet” (in English: home planet, i.e. you feel at home all over the globe).


It is with this aim in mind that ingenuity and a love of travelling led to the launch of several tents, as well as rucksacks and travel bags. We’re very pleased to be able to offer you Heimplanet’s products in our selection! Check them out if you’re in search of functional bags. Modern adventurers, travel addicts and anyone who needs a bag that’s halfway between being an outdoor rucksack and an everyday daypack will find everything they need in our shop. We’ll soon be introducing some of the bags in more details but, for now, have a look at Heimplanet products at Keller Sports.