Our partner HEAD Tennis is getting ready for the spring and summer seasons by putting together a large selection of new textiles under the motto of “The battle awaits”. The new technologies and colours will not only help you perform better on the tennis court but will also ensure you look chic and modern throughout the game. We’d like to introduce you to HEAD Tennis’ new spring/summer collection: What exactly should we want from our tennis clothes during the spring and the summer seasons? It’s getting warmer, so you’re bound to sweat more. This is why tennis clothes should, ideally, be light, comfortable and breathable. They should also allow you to move easily while you play and not restrict any of your movements. The cherry on top is when the clothes look good too. fullbanner_performance_women_mobile It’s precisely all of these needs that HEAD Tennis has worked on fulfilling by developing the new collection. Two new categories of technology in particular are what makes the brand’s new garments ideal for the tennis court - these technologies are called ERGO and ENDO. ERGO FIT is an ergonomic, tailor-fitted cut that adjusts perfectly to the shape of the body. ERGO STRETCH is responsible for making the fabric hardwearing and elastic, so the material follows your every move and provides an optimal range of motion. ENDO DRY improves the moisture management offered by the textiles, meaning that your skin stays dry even during the longest matches. With ENDO PHASE, the clothing’s cut lines and overall weight are reduced, resulting in increased comfort, performance and wearability. HEAD_Mobile_New_Interim_Homepage_3_Sportswear_Summer Colour-wise, the collection is split into two categories: Performance and Vision. The Performance range has a clear focus on tennis court performance, while the Vision collection adds extra patterns and colourful designs to the game. We love these colourful and functional clothes, don’t you? fullbanner_performance_men_mobile