Our partner HEAD has launched the new Prestige ski, which has become the highlight of the current and the coming winter seasons. The premium ski is equipped with several kinds of technologies developed by the brand itself, and its sleek, timeless design is really well suited to the piste. Performance-oriented skiers who love hard-and-fast descents will be the ones to best appreciate this ski. As we now have this ski in our selection, we would like to introduce you to some of its most important technologies:3CB7D7CECF55FA4407910B7220ECA356

Performance for as far as the eye can see - the most prominent innovation by far is Intelligence technology. Intellifibres have been integrated into the HEAD Prestige ski at a 45° angle from the binding to provide perfect performance on terrain and with any skiing style. These Intellifibres convert mechanical impulse into electrical energy. When you ski hard, energy is produced that is led back to the Intellifribres. The result is that the fibres stiffen up to lend the ski more torsional stiffness and restoring force, thus greatly improving smoothness and edge grip. Apart from that, a chip with pre-programmed energy-reinforcement provides extra boost.

Full edge grip at all times - an innovative, progressive radius and improved remound properties, in short, ERA 3.0 technology. This brings the benefits of the rocker to the forefront, offering full edge grip even around tight corners. Piezoelectric Intellifribres play a part here too, as they prevent any vibrations that may come from the rocker. Slipping and losing control belongs to the past. Today we have ERA 3.0 technology and edge grip.f08d0503ad56dceff1aed23ac474ffdb

Technology in harmony with the construction - even more important than the integration of as many technologies as possible is the interaction between these and how they harmonise with the construction of the ski. With the Prestige, HEAD has done it beautifully. Thanks to the wood sandwich construction with titanal reinforcement and the built-in Speed rocker, this ski offers optimal control on hard slopes. Apart from that, the Speed rocker makes turn initiation and steering an absolute breeze. An elegant design, innovative technologies and perfect element interplay all justify the use of the term “premium” when it comes to describing the HEAD Prestige ski.