The Puma En Pointe line represents grace and feminine elegance. This collection is also proof that a stylish, feminine look is ideal for fitness activities. The collection impresses with its use of soft yet functional materials, feminine colours and highly elegant designs. This means that you’ll enjoy top comfort while at the gym and stay stylish at all times. In our selection we now have selected pieces from the unique En Pointe series. We’re offering you training bras, training tights, tops and jackets from the range - find them here in our shop.


We also have stylish and functional shoes to match - they’re from the very same range. The unique style of the Phenom Low Satin is inspired by the beauty and grace of the NYC ballet. The sock-like upper adjusts perfectly to the shape of the foot, delivering a wonderful feeling while also highlighting your foot’s feminine silhouette. The shoe’s construction makes it ideal for intense training and offers outstanding energy return thanks to the IGNITE foam.

The evoKNIT Satin EP was designed for confident young athletes and, like the other shoe model, also highlights the slim shape of your feet. The IGNITE wedge provides comfort, a light feel and cushioning. Apart from the incredible fit, both shoe models also offer integrated satin elements that further enhance the feminine look.

As a woman, you no longer need to compromise on looking feminine while you practice sports. The Puma En Pointe line is the ideal way of combining your athletic character with a grace and feminine elegance you’ve never experienced in sports clothes before. What do you think of the range?