The brand GORE® stands for innovation, functionality and quality - it lives up to the highest expectations. Human beings are the outdoor brand’s focus, which is why GORE® works hard at researching, developing and testing its products in collaboration with professional athletes. This is the secret behind the excellent functionality of the products that offer sportspeople comfort and protection. GORE® means quality - quality that allows athletes to surpass their limits, explore the unknown and grow as people.

GORE® has always stood out in the running and cycling disciplines by catering for the highest demands. This brand is in a constant process of developing and improving its products for both sports. From now, it’ll do so under a single name: GORE® WEAR.

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In our selection you’ll find the best and latest running and cycling products by GORE® WEAR. Need a running jacket that will defy the elements? Check out the GORE® R7 GTX SD - it’s perfect for unpredictable spring weather and impresses with its chic design. This is a jacket made by athletes for athletes.

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