Our partner Gore-Tex has created an innovative surface material for its new Active products. This surface material provides lasting waterproofing, it is windproof, it has a low packing volume and yet it offers a high level of comfort during different kinds of activities. Here you can find out more about the material.


True to the motto “less is more”, the Active products have no outer layer at all, which means that the Gore-Tex membrane is placed directly on the jacket. This results in less water accumulating on the surface, which in turn makes the products lighter and more comfortable.

The missing upper layer also ensures water rolls off the material straight away so the product stays dry. Gore-Tex calls this a “shake dry” surface material, as a quick shake is enough to dry the outer layer. Another benefit of this new design is that it has a low packing volume. Thanks to this, products can be stored easily and brought along during trips. Because of these various properties, products like this jacket are particularly suited to runners, trail runners, outdoor athletes and cyclists.

We already have the North Face Hyper Air GTX jacket with Gore-Tex Active technology in our range, why not check it out?