We’ve given our Keller Sports Pro Chris two Gore Running Wear® tops to try out and write a review on. The tops he tried were the long-sleeved Essential Thermo Zip top and the One GTX® Active Shakedry™ Run jacket. After an extensive testing phase, Chris is absolutely in love with both garments and would like to tell you why.

The long-sleeved Essential Thermo Zip by Gore Running Wear® has a slim fit but, as its made of highly flexible material, it doesn’t restrict your movements in any way. On the whole, Chris felt very comfortable in this top - its good fit and functionality came in handy during sporty activities. What impressed him more than anything was that, although the top is very breathable, it also kept him warm during his winter run in low temperatures. Apart from that, as it gets dark pretty early these days, Chris felt that the reflective elements were great at keeping him visible in low-light conditions. The only negative aspect he found was that, if he didn’t zip up all the way to the top of the collar, the zip got in the way from time to time and was a bit annoying. Overall, though, Chris thinks that the long-sleeved Essential Thermo Zip is a very comfortable, practical, functional and breathable top that’s the ideal baselayer under a waterproof jacket.


One such waterproof jacket is the Gore Running Wear® One GTX® Active Shakedry™ Run. What Chris noticed straight away was the jacket’s extremely low weight - he barely felt like he was wearing anything at all. The One GTX® jacket has a slim fit but, just like the Essential Zip top, it enables unrestricted freedom of movement. During his testing period, Chris was able to try out the jacket’s waterproofing. The thin GORE-TEX® membrane means that the jacket will shield you 100% from the rain and the wind. At the same time, it’s highly breathable, so perspiration is quickly drawn away from the body. Chris was also very impressed by the material’s flexibility, which is something he’d never experienced in a rainproof jacket before. He didn’t have anything to pick on with this garment whatsoever. Combined with the long-sleeved Essential Thermo Zip, the One GTX® by Gore Running Wear® provides the perfect protection against the wind and the rain.


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