For a while now, our partner Asics has been running a YouTube channel where it shares and explains 15-second fitness exercises. There are already over 50 of these mini workouts online and they can be combined beautifully to make up a full training session. Most of the exercises don’t require sports equipment, some are partner exercises and only very few need small pieces of equipment, such as a skipping rope. We think this idea and the videos are amazing, so we’ve decided to show you some of these fitness exercises – like that you can work on your fitness levels in no time. Here are three of the “Fitter in :15” workouts from Asics.ASICS2016_AW_Boxing_CMYK

1. Spiderman push-up

This exercise is more difficult than the average push-up. The bent knees put more pressure on the arms and you also work your balance and body tension.

2. B-Boy Hill Climbers

Are too many Hill Climbers boring for you? ASICS has come up with an interesting variation that brings in a bit of breakdance. Instead of bringing your legs forward, you take two steps to the side, crossing your legs, and then do the same in the opposite direction. Cool idea, don’t you think?

3. Leg and buttock muscles – partner exercise

In this partner exercise one person lies on his/her back, and the other person stands next to the partner’s head. The person on the floor should extend his/her legs out, and the partner should bend his/her knees. Partner exercises are great to spice up exercises that might seem boring; they also mean the partners can encourage each other. Try it out.