In this post, we’ve already introduced you to the new Keen Terradora hiking shoe and all of its functions, but what exactly was the idea behind the shoe? We’ll explain: The Keen Terradora is the perfect footwear for pretty any terrain you choose to hike on, be it the path leading up to your front door or an uneven forest trail. The shoe is extremely versatile, yet is also specialised in the way that it was designed to perfectly suit the female anatomy. The light, flexible construction offers freedom of movement and comfort despite the low shaft. At the same time, with this hiking shoe, you also benefit from the support you need. 900x675 (2) For professional mountain athlete Caroline Gleich, fitness means listening to your body, going out into nature and powering up or chilling out in the fresh air - all tailored to the season and weather conditions. Simply packing your rucksack and going out is something that frees your mind and your soul. The Terradora hiking shoe embodies this training philosophy and lifestyle - whether you’re going for a stroll around the park or climbing 300 metres up a mountain, the Terradora is the correct choice for you. Keen TrailFit ambassador Chelsea Yamase is also of the opinion that versatility and comfort are of the essence: “I’ve never been able to run 30 k on a treadmill, climbing the equivalent of 1,500 metres; but tell me to climb a mountain and I’ll run like never before and flourish…” Guide The Terradora hiking shoe was developed specially for women to allow all adventurous female athletes to live out their passion and go wherever their spirit takes them - it’s not about staying physically fit but rather feeling fit all round. Whether it’s for your daily routine, a stroll in the park or forest, or even for your next mountain hike, if you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable outdoor/hiking shoe, this is the perfect shoe for you. We now have the low cut Terradora in our selection - these are our available models. ss17_terradora_loc_group-03400