Before work you can barely get out of work, and after work you flop directly onto the couch... sound familiar? In that case we have the perfect plan to integrate sport into your daily routine. Your lunch break offers you the perfect chance for a quick, crisp workout.

The key to an active lunch break is preparation. Pack your fitness bag on the evening before your workout and put together your meals for the coming day. Try to pack little snacks to munch on throughout the day, rather than cooking big meals. If, for example, you want to work out at midday, have a bite to eat at around 11.

Here we go: a step by step plan for your lunch break:

12: Take your fitness bag, go to the bathroom and get changed into your sports clothes.

12:05: Leave the office and get exercising. There are many things you can do, like going for a run, nipping to the gym for a workout or doing a fitness session outside.

12:15: Get into full swing with your activity.

12:40: Finish your workout and go for a quick shower, or just freshen up.

12:50: Go back to the office and get your lunch out of the fridge. Now you can enjoy the rest of your break at your desk and eat something light.

And that's the workout plan for your next lunch break! Have fun training and, if you're looking for the right clothes for the workout, you're sure to find them in our shop.