The new tennis racket models from Wilson come in a reversed colour scheme and impress with a new design that boasts improved functionality. The limited edition is available right now in our selection - but only while stocks last! =) 18809540_1698509570456119_5099900100629495808_n - Kopie With the new Wilson Burn 100LS, you now benefit from even more spin. Spin Effect technology increases ball rotation with the exact same amount of effort put in on your end. The reduced cross strings give the mains more wiggle room; this means that you don’t have to play as close to the baseline to push your opponent back and you get much more security. The Wilson Burn 100LS, at just 280 g, impresses with its light weight and the latest Wilson technologies. Burn The Wilson Blade 98L looks great with its new limited colour update, light green, but it’s not just the colour that hints at agility - this tennis racket is perfect for fast, powerful players. The ultra light frame enables easily controllable manoeuvrability, so it’s perfect for when you want to push your rival to the limit. Blade Do you need some variety on the tennis court? The new Wilson models will give you the fresh air you need to achieve your true potential. Check them out here. 18381947_1931281870424345_1126038294983868416_n