At the end of February, the fastest marathon runner in the world, Wilson Kipsang, stood at the starting line with brand new adidas adizero Sub2 shoes for the second time. It was clear that adidas’ fastest shoe ever would soon be available on the market - it is now, actually! We do have this new running shoe on offer for you in our shop. We’d like to give you a brief idea of what you can expect from the adidas adizero Sub2: 501538 As the name already suggests, the aim of this adidas shoe is to run a marathon in under two hours (Sub2). The new adizero was specially designed with this goal in mind, so it comes with new BOOST™ Light technology - a BOOST™ Light midsole spanning the whole length of the shoe. The light material provides comfort while you run, as well as great energy return. The upper is made of Microfit, which guarantees the perfect fit. The new adidas adizero Sub2 comes with an outsole made by tyre manufacturer Continental, so you enjoy perfect grip. Wilson Kipsang says: "All marathons begin well before the start line. The last 42,195 km are a reflection of all the months of preparation, hard work and dedication that it takes to get to this point. I’m looking forward to running [...] in the adidas adizero Sub2 again. They’re the fastest, lightest and most responsive running shoes I’ve even run in. I hope they’ll help me achieve a new personal best”. Are you preparing for a marathon too? Are you training to break a personal record? With the adidas adizero Sub2, you can! Click here to find the new adidas running shoe. 501541