Sports brands have always been unconventional with regards to coming up with new ideas and innovations. From shoe soles made with waffle irons to midsoles from a 3D printer - we’ve seen it all. Our partner Nike has taken this approach once again and created the new ACG.07.KMTR. This time, the origin of the idea was a brown paper bag. In the NikeLab, designers were trying to figure out a way to make it easier to put on and take off a shoe, so they put a foot in a paper bag and scrunched up the bag around it. The idea for the NikeLab ACG.07.KMTR was born.

Of course, a shoe from the NikeLab all conditions gear series can’t be made out of paper. Instead, a waterproof four-way stretch material was used. What makes this shoe different is that the upper has a chord with which you pull it onto the foot. The chord allows you to open the upper material wide, so it’s easier to get your foot into the shoe. After pulling the material tight, the foot is kept in place with a belt. The rubber sole has special ribs that provide excellent grip even on wet terrain. So it has come to be that a paper bag has inspired the design of a waterproof, light, flexible, easy-change and comfortable sports shoe. What do you think of this innovative system?