The new CEP Pastel Compression socks and sleeves stand out in fresh spring colours. The wonderful pastel-toned women’s collection will provide you with an extra portion of motivation for your training because the pieces not only look good but are also equipped with unique features.

The pastel collection consists of long and short socks and compression calves - all available in three pastel colours. We have all three models in our selection.


The socks come with tried-and-tested compression technology, so they’re perfect for any kind of exercise. Be it running, working out, playing tennis or dancing ballet: this technology encourages blood circulation to your legs during almost any sporty activity. While you’re wearing the socks, you’ll also benefit from gentle pressure that will offer you a bit of extra stability. The compression socks are also breathable and will help you feel good all-round during and after your training. The socks’ special technology delays the onset of muscle cramps and joint pain, so you can train harder for longer. Your feet will feel lighter too, so you’ll be able to hold out even longer. The wonderfully feminine pastel shades give off a fresh, dynamic energy to keep your motivation high.


With the CEP Pastel Compression socks and sleeves, you benefit from maximum muscle stability, which minimises thigh fatigue and muscle cramps. You enjoy good temperature management, as the fabric draws perspiration away from the skin. You’ll also improve your performance thanks to the increased oxygen supply your muscles receive when compression encourages arterial blood circulation. Last but not least, the proprioceptive (stabilising) effect will help speed up your reaction times, improving your coordination.

No Sweat- No Beauty - with the new CEP Compression socks and sleeves, you can live by this motto while enjoying fresh spring colours, all in the knowledge that you have a good chance to achieve your training goals this year. Click here to see the entire collection. Enjoy the workout!