On Wednesday 23rd November 2016 freeride pro and former World Tour skier Tom Leitner was our guest at the Keller Sports Store in Munich. The casual event began with good music and a couple of drinks at around 7pm at 120 Auenstraße, Munich. Once everyone had arrived, we played a short film that Tom had brought with him. The exciting scenes from the life of this freeride professional skier impressed the spectators so much that Tom had many questions to answer about specific parts of the film after this had finished.


Apart from showing us his own skis, the freerider also presented all of his must-have equipment for skiing trips. After getting a good idea of what his life has been like as a winter sports athlete, the room split up into more private conversations between skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. It's not every day that you get the chance to take a sneaky peek into the life of a Freeride World Tour skier.


We would like to thank Tom for his friendly presentation once again. We also want to thank Black Crows for making the evening possible, and, of course, all the visitors who came along. We look forward to more cool events at the Keller Sports Store in Munich!

Your Keller Sports team.

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