“March winds and April showers” may be a very true statement but that’s no reason to stay locked in at home all day. An unexpected rain shower during your outdoor activities should by no means spoil your fun, on the contrary, it could even make the entire experience an unforgettable adventure - only if you’re wearing the right waterproof clothes, of course. It’s not just waterproofing that counts, comfort is also crucial.

ApexFlex2 - Guide

Our partner The North Face presents the new, ultra-soft Apex Flex shell jacket - a revolutionary rainproof jacket with a Gore-Tex membrane throughout, which is produced exclusively for this brand. The waterproof 4-way stretch jacket will not let a single drop of water through. It is also windproof and, unlike conventional raincoats, it is particularly comfortable, thanks to the soft shell material. As the first waterproof soft shell jacket on the market, this garment is truly sensational.


In warmer temperatures, the ventilation zips allow stuffy air to escape the jacket. The fit of the garment is specially designed for sports activities and supports your comfort. As well as this, the jacket also impresses with its hidden chest pocket and its timeless design. This is the most functional eye-catcher around, guaranteed! You can find The North Face Apex Flex in our shop and find out for yourself how cool this soft shell rainproof jacket really is.

We would appreciate your reviews for this product. Now, don’t let the April showers bring you down - let them bring May flowers instead and make your day even more fun!