On top of the Scholar and the Carryall, our partner Douchebags has launched yet another rucksack for this winter. The Explorer is a 20-litre rucksack that is equipped with an array of practical features and design solutions. Be it for a city trip, a hiking tour or a day in fresh powder, the Explorer is perfect for everything. We will soon have the Douchebags Explorer in our shop, so we’d like to introduce you to this new rucksack now.


The first practical function is obvious to see when you first take the bag out of its wrapping. The front and back can be opened fully, making this bag very easy to pack. The Douchebags Explorer is separated into three large compartments. In the front compartment you can find two additional inside pockets - ideal for organising your items and storing an avalanche kit.

The back compartment of the Douchebags Explorer offers enough storage space for clothes or other kinds of equipment. Apart from that, in the mesh-lined pockets you can fit a camera or other small essentials, like your keys. As well as this, the inside of the back has a compartment for a hydration system that will keep you topped up with water during all of your activities. The third compartment is in the upper part of the bag, which is easily accessible and comes with soft lining that makes it suitable for storing ski goggles.


On the outside of the rucksack there are two stable straps with which to attach your ski or snowboard. The removable hip strap makes it easier to carry heavy loads but can be removed if your rucksack doesn’t weigh enough to need the extra support. The Explorer’s functionality, look and design all help it fit in beautifully with the rest of this winter’s Douchebags collection. You’ll soon be able to find it here.