To ensure you can perform well during sports activities in cold temperatures without losing out on the fun side, you need reliable, functional clothes from head to toe. As soon as you decide to exercise outdoors, you need to be careful. If you don’t want to fall ill, you need to wear clothes that shield you from the rain and the cold. You also need underwear that keeps you warm, dries quickly and breathes. With high-quality functional clothes, you don’t have to worry about your health or your performance. FALKE ESS_Warm_900x675px Our partner Falke places a high value on reliability, honesty and quality. The functional underwear produced by the brand meets the highest standards under the most varied conditions. That’s why we’ve included these products in our selection. The Falke Warm collection is most suited to activities in mild to cold temperatures. The underwear will support you this winter season when you work out or run out in the fresh air. The Falke Wool Tech collection, on the other hand, is ideal for cold to very cold outdoor temperatures and includes ski socks that are the perfect choice for winter sports. warm_women_outfit The Falke Warm tops and tights sit close to the body and offer optimal temperature and moisture regulation. This is thanks to the double-layer material construction. The shoulders and elbows, as well as the knees, are equipped with flex zones that guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Bild3 The Falke Wool Tech tops and tights are ideal for your favourite winter sports activities. The top-quality merino wool is what makes this collection so special - it keeps you warm and dry, is comfortable to wear and is particularly skin-friendly. The pieces of this collection are made of a double-layer construction that offers excellent protection, especially to the kidney and upper thigh areas. Bild4 The ski socks are perfect to combine with functional underwear and they offer excellent support during your activities. With these socks, you enjoy the benefits of top-quality merino wool - it warms your feet, dries quickly and its antibacterial properties keep your skin healthy. Winter is already in full swing, so check out all our Falke products and find out for yourself what excellent functionality and stylish designs they offer - they’ll take enjoyment of your favourite sport to a whole new level. FALKE ESS_Wool-Tech_900x675px