Merrell’s MQM Flex Gore-Tex is a light outdoor shoe for mountain sports enthusiasts, with a special emphasis on trail runners. First impressions? It’s light, really light, but this Merrell shoe is nonetheless the perfect companion for your next mountain trip.

The Merrell MQM Flex wasn’t just designed for mountain hikes and trail runs but also for relaxed strolls around a lake. I’ve tested the Merrell shoe. The toughest challenge with this shoe so far has been the trip up the Sonnenberg mountain to Pürschlinghaus. From there, I continued climbing up to Teufelstättkopf in the Ammergauer Alps. I was wearing a light rucksack but some of the paths were really rough and rocky. That route requires shoes with very good grip and support.   IMG_7961  

Merrell MQM Flex GTX: comfort & fit

The comfort provided by the Merrell MQM hiking shoe is outstanding. There’s no pressure and no rubbing anywhere - even after long hikes, I still didn’t don’t have any blisters. A lot of mountain shoes are lacking in this respect. But the Merrell MQM Flex doesn’t even feel like a mountain shoe.

I actually felt like I was wearing comfortable sports shoes. This comfort is thanks to the inbuilt heel cushioning, which Merrell calls Air Cushion. Its low weight makes the shoe light overall, saving you energy while you walk. It might not sound like a great deal, but it makes a big difference on long hikes.

I noticed that barely any stones get into the MQM Flex while you walk. Usually, mid-top shoes end up full of them. Knowing this, Merrell has equipped the MQM Flex with a protective flap that really does keep all the dirt out.   IMG_7930   The Merrell MQM GTX Flex fits the foot perfectly. The sizing of the hiking shoe is relatively generous. I got size 44.5, which is my usual shoe size, but in retrospect, I would’ve been better going half a size down.

Merrell MQM Gore-Tex: ventilation & waterproofing

  I’ve tested the waterproof version of the Merrell MQM hiking shoe, the one with the Gore-Tex material. But there is another version without waterproofing, which is a little lighter and a bit more breathable.

Luckily, I wasn’t hit by any rain while I was out in my Merrell MQM Flex shoes. Despite the use of Gore-Tex material, I can confirm that this hiking shoe’s well-made mesh provides great ventilation and optimal moisture management in hot weather.

Merrell MQM Flex GTX: grip

  Similar to new tyres, new hiking shoes need to be broken in for the first few kilometres in order to benefit from full traction - this is also the case with the Merrell MQM Flex GTX.   I’d say the grip on this shoe is more than enough for hikes and moderate mountain trips, but for longer mountaineering expeditions I’d recommend finding trekking shoes with even more traction.   34d34f59-e8fb-4443-8999-00b8ef04b9ab  

Merrell MQM Flex GTX hiking shoe: conclusion

  The MQM Flex Gore-Tex by Merrell is perfect for those who want a lightweight mountain shoe for easy to moderate hikes. The Gore-Tex material keeps your feet dry during a rain shower and when you’re walking through wet grass.   This hiking shoe’s greatest highlight is the low weight and great comfort. Come on! Lace up and head out on your next outdoor adventure!