Fit for the summer! That is what many athletes aim for. Training should not be skipped, even in hot temperatures, and it is above all runners who wonder how to get through their usual training tasks in summer. In order that you are ready to run in this year’s hot temperatures we have put together some tips that guarantee you a perfect summer run.

Have enough to drink: keeps lots of fluids nearby or bring them along with you – like that you are almost forcing yourself to drink it all. Ideally, your drinks should not be icy cold, but rather a tepid temperature so you are not making your body change the cold temperature to suit your body temperature. For runs that last less than an hour it is enough to just drink plenty before exercising, but if you will be running for longer, then it is recommended to bring fluids with you.

A nutritious diet: just as importantly as drinking fluid is the intake of vitamin- and mineral-rich foods as higher temperatures lead to an increase production of perspiration and a greater loss of electrolytes. A balanced diet can help make up for this loss. Well-ventilated clothing: shorts and functional tops are lightweight and comfortable. You should also wear breathable shoes and thin socks.

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Early birds catch the worms: it is usually cooler in the morning and ozone levels are lower than during the day. Should you not manage to leave your bed at 5am then it is best to leave your training until later on in the evening.

Run slower and for a shorter distance instead of turning up full power: tolerance to heat varies, but most runners have a lower performance during warm weather. Run a little calmer to get your body used to the higher temperatures.