Our Keller Sports Pro and CrossFit expert Art Claas van der Heide has tested the Nike Metcon 2 for stability, fit and comfort, focussing on whether this shoe is suited to fitness exercises or not. The location of the experiment was his CrossFit box, which is what you call the hall where CrossFit athletes train. We have summarised the test results and his opinion on the shoe here:

Art describes the Metcon2 as being quite wide cut, which, together with the reinforced heel, is responsible for the high level of stability. This shoe provides good flexibility, especially around the forefoot area. It is for these reasons that the expert recommends this footwear for both weightlifting and short sprints (a.k.a. “Double unders”). This means that the Metcon2 is great for CrossFit training, as it consists of flexible training workouts.

This shoe has a very small offset between the slightly raised heel and the toe area, this helped the Keller Sports Pro keep a straight posture during exercises like knee bends. Thanks to the shoe’s lack of cushioning, the athlete was also able to stand firmly, which is essential for moving weight during a CrossFit workout.

01 Art Claas Nike Metcon2

Properties that make the Nike Metcon2 a very special shoe include the plastic edging around the heel area and the rubber surface in the middle of the shoe. During handstand push-ups, the plastic in the heel area means that your foot does not stick to the wall, enabling a smooth movement cycle. The rubber surface has the function of keeping the shoe stable while rope climbing and ensuring the sole does not “melt” (see image). Perfect for CrossFit, according to our expert.

Art is also very impressed with the comfort offered by the shoe. He told us he could wear the shoe all day, which is why he considers it to be a good all-rounder. Even on slippery surfaces, our Fitness Pro confirmed that the Metcon2 offers good support and does not slip.

As a versatile qualified fitness expert and former operator of his own CrossFit box, Art Claas van der Heide recommends this shoe for both ambitious beginners and professional athletes.For an optimal fit, he recommends buying a shoe that is half a size bigger than usual. Check out the fitness all-rounder for yourself - you can find the Nike Metcon2 in our shop.

02 Art Claas Nike Metcon2