Although the weather is still a little wintry, spring is just around the corner! Have you restarted your sports schedules yet? If not, now it’s time to start setting yourself some new goals! Be it for running, tennis, cycling or any kind of outdoor activity - we’d like to share with you two functional training methods that you just have to try! They’re the perfect addition to your training.

1. Suspension Training - full-body gravity workout

Male athlete is exercising in the gym for making his body strong.

This three-dimensional full-body workout serves to build up muscle and improve flexibility, balance and stability. Using a non-elastic band and your own body weight, you can work against gravity while in a seated, standing or lying position - it’s all about keeping your body tensed up! During this kind of training, your body is in a free and unstable situation, which in turn activates the deep muscle tissues, making this is the perfect functional training for improving both your general and your discipline-specific performance. You can try out TRX® Suspension Training at different difficulty levels at Body+Soul and several other Keller Studios partners. Here you can see the Body Saw exercise posted by our Keller Sports Pro Art on his Heartcore Athletics Blog:


2. deepWORK® - athletic, simple but intense

Positive energy is a key concept of this holistic functional training without equipment. The workout is based on a combination of tension, relaxation and breathing exercises and follows 7 energy phases that are inspired by different elements, like earth, wood, fire and water.

To begin with, you focus on mobility, breathing and sensitisation. This is followed by warming up your muscles. After activating your circulation, it’s time for the swing phases - often targeting coordination and static stability, while also training your speed and jumping ability. This is all rounded off by sensitisation and breathing exercises.

Our tip: This workout is perfect for those seeking to strike a balance between powering up and relaxing. Switching from challenging elements that really make you sweat to breathing exercises to relax you is a great way to get over a stressful day!

You can try deepWORK Training at body+soul, Fitness First, Studio One and other Keller Studios partners.

Fitness_Group What are you waiting for? If you still don’t feel motivated enough to get off the couch, you should check out this article here - at least once you’ve read this there’s no turning back! Sources: Body+Soul, deepWORK®