So, this is it, the Nike Zoom Fly. First impressions were great. The Nike shoe is comfortable all round and just a few steps out of my front door and I can tell it’s a real lightweight. I was excited to see how it’d perform during a run, expectations were very high.


What started off as a relaxed run in high summer temperatures turned into a one-man race. The carbon-reinforced nylon sole plate shifts your weight towards the forefoot, which speeds you up significantly. This modification of your running style is supported by the 10 mm offset, which relieves some of the pressure that higher speeds build up in your muscles. In temperatures of 30° C, the Nike Zoom Fly experienced some really hot conditions but I the upper still felt light and breathable. Nonetheless, the same one-piece Flymesh upper offers the reliable support that other competition shoes lack.


Although the Nike Zoom Fly does a good job on gravel and hard forest and field paths, it’s home is on the tarmac. This is where it shows what it’s capable of and pushes you towards new personal records. On even terrain is when you most benefit from the unique combination of Lunarlon damping and the carbon-reinforced nylon plate in the sole - you feel like you’re running downhill all the time.

My conclusion: The Nike Zoom Fly is a competition shoe of the next level. This shoe ticks all the boxes when it comes to weight, comfort, stability and damping. With this shoe, you can’t run slowly. In my opinion, it’s the perfect footwear for your next half- or full marathon.