Countless brands, materials and features - the world of outdoor equipment is massive, and the conditions diverse; sometimes even unpredictable. Have you ever wondered “how do I make the right choice of shoes for my outdoor activities?” In a constantly changing environment, there is not one perfect outfit. Nature itself holds the secret. Be flexible and adjust! Choose your shoes so that you can adjust to nature’s whims. Then you will be prepared effectively for every adventure. We have some basic tips in the following article to help your choice to succeed.  

The correct shoes make sure nothing goes wrong

A tour starts and finishes with the correct footwear. Depending on what we have planned, we choose our shoes to get us to our destination safely and comfortably. If the terrain allows it, soft multi function shoes are a great companion. These kind of models support your natural rolling motion.The special profile allows for good support on narrow paths. A good sole profile is alligned front and back, so that you have a perfect grip when you are going up and down hills. Pay attention to a continuous lacing system, so that your feet are securely embedded in the shoe. The outer material should be robust and waterproof. In good weather and on intense tours breathability is vital. [gallery type="square" ids="7132,7125"] If you have demanding tours planned or are going into high altitudes then you should wear tight mountain shoes, which go over your ankles. The pronounced profile guarantees you the best grip on steep, rocky and exposed sections. The cushioning protects your joints during the descent and when you walk over long distances. You can choose between hiking boots made of plastic or leather. The former keeps you warm and dry quickly when wet. Leather has the advantage of being very light and adapts to your foot. Just think about what is crucial for your activity, then you will definitely make the right choice. Another tip for walkers: a hiking shoe is an ideal choice on easy paths. It gives you the benefits of a lightweight shoe with cushioning and the weather resistance of a mountaineers shoe. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="7146,7160,7153,7118,7111" orderby="rand"] The main priority when buying shoes is to get a pair that are comfortable and fit perfectly. We make sure that a thumb can fit in between the big toe and the end of the shoe, as well as having a tight fit on the heel so they don't slip when you’re going uphill and cause blisters. If you have any questions about choosing the correct pair of shoes then write a comment; we’ll support you in your search!