Not long now: the start of Munich’s second Wanderlust Yoga Festival will be on 10th June. We’ll be joining our Keller Sports Pros and taking part in the Mindful Triathlon at Olympiapark, in Munich. The Wanderlust takes part in many different cities - check the closest one to you.

Never done yoga in your life? Then read on! The Wanderlust Festival is a sports event that focuses on having fun and spending time together. For all fully fledged Yogis and Yoginis out there worried they won’t be challenged enough - not to worry, you’ll find it fun and exciting to be part of such a big group. We’re sure that at the Wanderlust you’ll gather some wonderful new experiences and grow as a person.


What to expect at the Wanderlust 108

The Wanderlust Event is made up of several different parts. After an initial group warm-up, it’s time for a 5 k run with the adidas runners. Everyone can run or walk at their own pace - it’s not about being the first past the finish line, but if that’s what you want to aim for, then go for it!

The run is followed by a 90-minute group Flow Yoga lesson. If you haven’t left all your troubles behind by now, you will do during this session, as it’s accompanied by harmonious beats that allow you to fully concentrate on yourself and your body. Whatever level you’re at, the yoga trainer will cater to your needs. There are also experienced coaches at hand to give you support if you need it.

Rounding off the yoga session a 30-minute meditation. This also calls for some deep concentration, but it’ll also allow you to relax and let the day’s experiences sink in.


If you haven’t had enough after that, there are still lots of bonus activities left to do on the festival site. Aerial yoga, functional training or bodywork - from tough fitness workouts to relaxing sessions for your body and soul, you really will find a bit of everything at this event. The festival is about letting go of your inhibitions and trying something new, but if you prefer to relax after the main event, feel free to browse the Kula market or enjoy a delicious coffee break. You’re sure to have a great time at the Wanderlust 108.


Wanderlust 108: what does the 108 stand for?

You might be wondering what role the number 108 plays in the Wanderlust festival - well, let us tell you: this number represents connectedness and is sacred in some spiritual traditions. The “1” reflects the idea that, together, we’re one. The “0” is like a circle, a closed cycle that represents completeness. The “8” is similar to the infinity symbol, which in this case stands for unlimited possibilities for the individual and the community.

During the Mindful Triathlon, beginners get the chance to be inspired by the life paths of those more experienced than them. Bring many different people together and you get a single movement, a joint energy that follows one path. Will you be part of it? Are you going to the Wanderlust 108 too?

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – Yoko Ono

Video- Wanderlust 2017