More than 80% of runners wear the wrong shoes. ASICS came to this conclusion and has been taking action against it ever since. ASICS tries to make it easier for everyone to find the right running shoes for their training and running. For this purpose, ASICS running shoes are divided into three categories.

We introduce you to the individual categories and their differences. So it should be easy for you to find the right ASICS running shoes for your running preferences.

The three ASICS running shoe categories

Basically the running shoe categories of ASICS differ in where and how you run. These are their names:

  1. Run further: The softly cushioned running shoes of the Run Further category are made for long distances. They give you the propulsion you need for long runs and endurance training sessions.
  2. Run faster: The name already reveals that these running shoes stand for speed and new best times. The shoes push you to new heights with high reactivity.
  3. Run beyond: Robust off-road running shoes that want to run even in demanding terrain. The Run beyond shoes convince especially with grip and stability on all surfaces.

Know your foot position

Within the individual shoe categories there are the so-called supported models for overproners. Pronation describes the rolling movement in the ankle joint during walking. There are two different cases for running shoes:



The neutral pronation means that the ankle remains fairly straight when rolling. You don't need any specially supported shoes here.



A strong inward rotation of the foot during the rolling movement is called overpronation. This calls for stabilizing running shoes.

Discover the different ASICS running shoes


ASICS GEL-Nimbus running shoes


ASICS GEL-Cumulus running shoes


ASICS GEL-Pulse running shoes


RUN FURTHER - Stability

ASICS GEL-Kayano running shoes


ASICS GEL GT-2000 running shoes


ASICS GEL GT-1000 running shoes


RUN FURTHER - Energy Saving

ASICS Metaride running shoes


ASICS GlideRide running shoes


ASICS EvoRide running shoes


RUN FASTER - Neutral

ASICS Dynaflyte running shoes


ASICS Noosa running shoes

GEL-Noosa Tri

ASICS Novablast running shoes


RUN FASTER - Stability

ASICS DS-Trainer 25 running shoes

GEL-DS Trainer 25

ASICS DS-Trainer 24 running shoes

GEL-DS Trainer 24

ASICS Dynamis running shoes


RUN BEYOND - Neutral

ASICS Fujitrabuco Pro running shoes

Fujitrabuco Pro

ASICS Fujitrabuco Lyte running shoes

Fujitrabuco Lyte

ASICS GEL-Sonoma running shoes


RUN BEYOND - Stability

ASICS Fujitrabuco 8 running shoes

GEL-Fujitrabuco 8

ASICS Fujitrabuco GTX running shoes

GEL-Fujitrabuco 8 GTX

ASICS Fujitrabuco 7 running shoes

GEL-Fujitrabuco 7