After launching the Wave Rider 20, our partner Mizuno is now presenting an update for yet another very popular shoe: the Mizuno Wave Sayonara, the latest being the 4th model. It is especially in the areas of the upper, tongue and midsole that the Sayonara has been improved. This is the new Mizuno running shoe:

Source: Instagram/robskeewally

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4’s upper is made from so-called AIRMesh, whose high degree of breathability delivers the ideal moisture- and temperature management. The temperature regulation is further supported by Mizuno Intercool technology, which improves air circulation. Compared to that of the previous model, the tongue of the Sayonara 4 is significantly thinner, which makes the shoe even more breathable. Thanks to the Dynamotion Fit system, this shoe adjusts perfectly to the foot while you run, providing you with the ideal fit.

The midsole of made from particularly lightweight U4ic material that offers outstanding damping and durability. The name of the shoe was derived from Mizuno Wave technology - this adds extra damping to the midsole and ensures maximal stability. The X10 outsole is made from a carbon-rubber mix, making it extremely hardwearing, long-lasting and with optimal grip. To effectively reduce pressure and shear forces, Mizuno has incorporated SmoothRide technology into the Wave Sayonara 4. This technology offers flexible shock absorption. We now have the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 in our selection - check it out for yourself right here.

Source: Instagram/mizuno_original

Cover-Photo: Instagram/takboph