Dynafit is known for being an innovative ski touring brand that’s become famous for its Pin System, used in ski binding and ski shoes for touring. The brand is very active in the ski touring industry, always launching new, innovative products. Nonetheless, Dynafit’s range includes not only winter equipment but also summer gear (or, at least, equipment for the non-winter months) that will appeal to all outdoor fans who like to speed-hike or even run in the mountains. The Feline SL has really made a name for Dynafit among these target buyers. In Spring, the company launched a new product in the trail running/mountain running category too, the Alpine Pro. Keller Sports Pro Thomas has tried this shoe out and wants to tell us what he thinks of it:


“Personal taste is a very subjective matter, but I think the Dynafit Alpine Pro is a very good-looking shoe. The first time I held it I realised that it has a dynamic silhouette and is very light for its shoe category. I like how the lacing is tucked away under the little mesh sleeve and how the heel stripe with the Dynafit lettering openly suggests that the shoe has a good amount of stability in the heel. The “first fit feeling” really impressed me. Even before lacing up, the shoe sits very nicely around the foot and the heel holds your weight beautifully. The Alpine Pro has quite a lot of space in the forefoot area, so the shoe doesn’t close in on your foot over longer runs. So far so good. Laces done up - it’s time to hit the forest path.


The Alpine Pro performs really well on this terrain and it makes the experience great fun. It’s fantastic for running. It rolls beautifully and, for this shoe type, it’s very easy to run in; it comes very close to behaving like a street-running shoe. The grip provided by the Vibram® Megagrip sole impresses on loose gravel paths. I didn’t get the feeling that I was giving way to the ground during impact, there wasn’t any slipping there. Further up the mountain, the terrain got a little more rugged but the Alpine Pro continued to perform really well. I ran on different kinds of terrain - from mountain meadows and forest trails to paved paths and everything in between. The grip worked great in every situation. This shoe gives you confidence and comfort, so you run around with a grin on your face because you feel like everything is “running” smoothly. The highlight for me was that the Alpine Pro is also suited to more relaxed runs on wooded paths around lakes and didn’t turn out to be too “stubborn”. The versatility of this shoe is absolutely brilliant!


What did I find negative about this shoe? Not much, really. The Dynafit Alpine Pro impresses on all kinds of terrains and feels great to run in, be it on gravel paths around a lake or in the mountains. The only aspects that meant the shoe was not absolutely perfect, in my opinion, were two: 1. Uphill, on really exposed terrain, the shoe could have been a bit more stable. This would have given me a little more confidence. On the flip side though, improving this negative would have made the shoe a little heavier and less easy to run in. In this case, you’d need to evaluate what’s most important to you, personally. If you want more stability, I think you’re better off with the Dynafit Feline SL. 2. I have narrow feet so, for me, the shoe should have been a little narrower in the forefoot area. Many runners with wide feet will disagree with me - they’ll be glad to have the extra space and still find a little room left after running for a while.


My overall opinion of the Alpine Pro is very positive. The shoe’s plus points are its grip, its broad range of uses and how easy it feels to run in. I would recommend this shoe to all mountain runners who want a versatile shoe that works well on practically every terrain - in other words, an all-rounder mountain running shoe. Performance potential and experience in mountain running aren’t important in this case, as this shoe is suitable for beginners as well as pros. Those who mainly run on exposed alpine terrain might be better served by the more stable Dynafit Feline SL. Apart from that, the Alpine Pro is great in my eyes, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy running in it too!