We have something special in store for you (literally!). The brand new Climatica GTX from our partner AKU is now exclusively available in our selection. The shoe was first introduced to the public during this year’s ISPO event and it made quite an impression in the outdoor sector. This multi-terrain shoe feels at home anywhere - be it a city trip, a gentle stroll through the woods, an adventure out in nature or a relaxed mountain hike, the AKU Climatica GTX if the perfect footwear for all outdoor fans. Unbenannt Its innovative Gore-Tex® Surround® technology doesn’t allow any moisture to enter the shoe yet heat from your foot can escape quickly and easily. This means that you benefit from a perfect skin temperature at all times. The shoe comes in two models, the main difference between these being the upper. The AKU Climatica Suede GTX has, as the name suggests, a suede upper, while the Climatica NBK GTX has a nubuck leather upper instead. The sole is made of brand new AKU Tenuta Grip - the special rubber mix guarantees an optimal grip on all surfaces. A timeless, simple, modern and stylish design; optimal functionality and excellent versatility. Sounds like the perfect shoe for everyday wear and outdoor adventures, right? You can find the new AKU Climatica GTX shoe here. 123