Have you heard of our new partner EVOC and its awesome rucksacks? Whether you’re a snowboarder or mountain biker, an EVOC rucksack will prove to be the perfect partner for you. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to the brand EVOC and its amazing rucksacks.

EVOC: over 15 years developing the perfect bike bag

Shortly before New Year’s Eve 1999, former freeride pro and later EVOC founder Holger Feist got caught in an avalanche while shooting a snowboard film. Luckily, he came off lightly but walked away with a really bad back. During the fall, he got hurt on the avalanche shovel in his rucksack. This was the experience that led to the development of the first EVOC rucksack. Feist designed a snowboard rucksack with a reinforced back. This protector was made to protect the wearer not only from outside dangers but also from the things inside the rucksack itself. EVOC Mountainbiking The trained mechanical engineer started off with a sleeping mat, which he cut and stuck in such a way that resulted in a real back protector. It was during a mountain bike trip up Mount Everest that he came up with possible improvements for his bike bag. For one, its shape was nothing like as ergonomic as the designs of today’s EVOC bags. Feint said that mountain bike rucksacks felt like wearing “a football on your back”. He then got busy, once again, finding a solution to this problem. Another issue cropped up during an MTB trip in Bolivia in 2003. The bike he’d very carefully packed into a box came in bits on the baggage carousel alongside the bike accessories. This is when Feist decided to design a bike travel bag. EVOC prototypes were only originally used by the brand’s founder and his friends, but this all changed in 2008 when one of these friends went to the legendary “Flying Ball” bike shop in Hong Kong. He’d only brought the bike bag with him to the shop so he could take his bike for a service, but the owner of the shop was so impressed with the bag that he ordered 50 of them. That very year saw the founding of the brand EVOC. EVOC Uphill Mountainbiking Since the launch of the company and its appearance at the ISPO trade show in the same year, demand for EVOC products has gone through the roof. The brand EVOC ships worldwide and is the market leader in several areas. The EVOC athlete team includes several snowboarders and mountain bikers, as well as the world’s best trials cyclist and YouTube star Danny MacAskill. The Scottish biker has always been really impressed with EVOC bags and their EVOC Liteshield Protector. Just look at what this guy can do with a bike:

EVOC: products for your safety during adventures

We can’t talk to you about all EVOC products in just one post, so we’re going to introduce you to just some of the best EVOC bike bags out there. We’ll look into their functions and how they differ from one another.

The EVOC Fr Enduro Blackline Bike Bag

The EVOC Blackline series combines top comfort with protective properties. This means that with the Enduro bag you’re well equipped for long MTB trips on tough trails. The EVOC Fr Enduro Blackline bike bag comes with an integrated Liteshield Back Protector that offers 95% shock absorption. Thanks to the Liteshield Air System, you also benefit from maximum air ventilation around your back. The helmet pocket at the front, the tool pocket in the middle and the separate compartment for hydration systems all mean that the EVOC Fr Enduro Blackline bike bag leaves nothing to be desired. You can find the EVOC Enduro bag and its inbuilt protector in our shop. EVOC Fr Enduro Blackline Bike Bag

The EVOC Cc 16L Bike Bag

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder, we have the perfect solution for you: the EVOC Cc 16L. This rucksack is ideal for everyday life, mountain trips, trail adventures, days out in the snow and MTB rides. The innovative EVOC Air Pad System provides reliable ventilation to your back, while Brace Link technology allows you to adjust the shoulder strap width of the EVOC Cc 16L to suit your needs. The inside of the EVOC Cc 16L has a very practical layout too. Pockets of different sizes made of mesh or equipped with zips all ensure you can have your gear nicely organised inside your bag. The helmet fastening and the tool pocket are both particularly useful. Find the EVOC Cc 16L bike bag here.

The EVOC Cc 3L Race 2L Bladder Bike Bag

The small EVOC Cc 3L Race 2L Bladder bike bag was tested during the legendary Cape Epic race. This endurance race in South Africa has given the brand the chance to test this bike bag under the toughest conditions. The EVOC Race rucksack is ultra light and has a minimalist construction. With its innovative Air Tune System, it ventilates and cools your back on any trail and during every MTB race. Thanks to the 2L bladder, you can carry enough water to quickly quench your thirst during the race. The EVOC Cc 3L Race 2L Bladder bike bag offers all the essentials for a trail race on your MTB. Click here to check out this little EVOC bag. 14608787_1413354712038527_5928789850951027547_o

The EVOC Travel Bag Bike bag

As explained above, EVOC has taken inspiration from past travel experiences to create its bags. This is where the EVOC Travel Bag bike bag comes in, as it allows you to safely transport your bike to the most beautiful trails in the world. The hybrid bag combines the best properties of a hard shell suitcase and a soft bag. The best thing about the EVOC Bike Travel bag is that it fits most bike models. Thanks to the skater wheels, you can also pull this bag along behind you. All of the pockets inside the bag let you store your accessories alongside your bike, so you have everything you need quick to hand when you head for the next trail adventure. Check out the EVOC bike bag here. Now it’s time to choose: will it be the EVOC Enduro Blackline Bag, the EVOC Cc 16L Bike Bag, the EVOC Cc 3L Race 2L Bladder Bike Bag or the EVOC Travel Bag Bike? If none of these suit you, there are many more to pick from - these aren’t the only EVOC bags we have in our selection. You can find the rest of our EVOC products in our shop. We hope you enjoy browsing through them and have an even better time making the most of your new EVOC rucksack on the next trails. 17493252_1645949715445691_360462932153323486_o

EVOC offers Crash Replacement for EVOC Liteshield Back Protectors

By the way, EVOC offers a free 2-year Crash Replacement guarantee on all EVOC Liteshield Back Protectors. This means that, if you need to replace your EVOC Protector after a fall, you’ll still enjoy full protection the next time you hit the trails. EVOC has a form you can fill in to claim your replacement EVOC Liteshield Back Protector (in the right size, of course). This is an amazing free service by our partner EVOC, wouldn’t you agree? Pictures: Facebook/evocsports & Instagram/evocinstagram