As an amateur or competitive athlete who loves outdoor activities above anything else, you feel fantastic with fresh air in your face. Be it running, hiking, cycling or one of many other possibilities that allow you to wander about freely in nature - without our wonderful environment it wouldn’t even be half as good an experience! That’s why many brands are now campaigning to protect both our environment and our fellow human beings by manufacturing products in fair, environmentally-friendly and sustainable ways. What makes this task difficult with regards to the production of sports clothes is that these should be functional and fully performing. Those who value quality expect breathable, perspiration-absorbent, wind- and waterproof materials (among other features) that will ensure our clothes fare well during athletic activities. Some of the brands we have included in our online selection have managed to combine sustainability and functionality to produce top quality clothes and shoes. Patagonia_png How can you manufacture sustainably, and why should you? “We want to make sure the next generation can enjoy sports activities in beautiful nature as much as we do” - this phrase is at the core of the brand Odlo. Odlo is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), whose mission it is to keep on improving working conditions. The behavioural code that the brand’s manufacturers sign every year ensures all companies involved in the production chain adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the brand. Manufacturing takes place mainly within Europe and the brand is also part of SAC, a group that stands for sustainable clothing. All of these facts prove the brand’s environmental awareness and responsibility. Supporting our environment is also at the heart of the outdoor brand Patagonia. Taking part in the Fair Trade programme, using renewable energies, reducing the use of chemicals and manufacturing robust, durable products that are produced using as many environmentally friendly raw materials as possible… these are just some of the brand’s contributions to a sustainable and futureproof manufacturing process. With its mission to “Manufacture the best product, damage the environment as little as possible, inspire other companies to follow this example and find solutions for the current environmental crisis”, this brand is a great role model. Patagonia_png_1 Many other brands are also starting to tackle the issue of the environment and are making positive contributions to the cause. The transition to renewable energies, the use of organic cotton or changing manufacturing location to within Europe all represent big milestones for a business. Nonetheless, every small step makes a big difference. Are you a big fan of outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, skiing or jogging? If you believe in using sport to do something good for yourself and the environment at the same time, try to keep a close eye on where your clothes come from. Have you already tried environmentally friendly sports products? Share your experiences with us!