We all have sporting goals; whether they are to become quicker, stronger or more muscular, and every time something gets in the way. A common mistake is the assumption that we can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. That only works out for beginners in the first two or three months (or if you’re overweight when you start training). So we have to think about our goals and that right way to achieve them. There are three main goals for fitness training:  

Fitness training goals:

  1. Maximum strength: More strength occurs when we improve the interaction between the white muscle fibres (a.k.a. fast-twitch fibres)
  2. Build muscle (Hypertrophy): The muscle “grows” when we enlarge the cross section of the individual muscles.
  3. Muscular endurance: We increase the endurance of our muscles when we train the red muscle fibres (a.k.a. slow-twitch fibres).
Depending on the target, we must adjust our training accordingly so that the transition to each individual goal is fluid. They can be roughly divided into the following scheme: fitness goal plan To wrap up, here’s a tip for those who want to burn fat: It’s a myth that lots of repetition can define your muscles! The opposite is true – only through sufficient repetitions of heavy sets can we define our “contours”.   What’s your fitness goal?   You might also be interested in: Why free weight training is more effective than training on machines Sven’s Fitness Tips: Progressive overload as a route to long-lasting success