In the name Dynafit already gives us a big reference to the orientation of the Dynafit Ultra 100, created for the long runs: Ultratrails in alpine terrain. Keller Sports Pro Jan has tested for you what makes it stand out and how it runs.

DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Men Trailrunning Shoes (blue) 127,90 €
DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Men Trailrunning Shoes (blue)
127,90 € *
DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Men Trailrunning Shoes (orange) 115,90 €
DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Men Trailrunning Shoes (orange)
115,90 € *
DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Women Trailrunning Shoes (blue) 126,90 €
DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Women Trailrunning Shoes (blue)
126,90 € *

About the Dynafit Ultra 100

The Dynafit Ultra 100 combines many well-considered features for safe trail running in alpine terrain. In the upper, Dynafit uses a very breathable mesh, which offers sufficient protection in the terrain with many elements. This includes a toe cap, overlays on the sides and an elastic pocket for the laces.

Especially on demanding surfaces, the fit of a trail shoe has to be right, and the Dynafit Ultra 100 offers that too. On the one hand the upper can be laced to the foot and on the other hand the so-called Heel Preloader ensures a precise hold and comfort.

A very interesting feature of the Dynafit trail running shoe is the midsole, because the foam used offers a good mixture of comfort and dynamics. The POMOCA outsole, which extends over the entire sole, ensures a very good grip. This guarantees a secure grip, no matter how wet or stony the trail is.

Keller Sports Pro Jan with the Dynafit Ultra 100 trail running shoe in the Outdoor Test 2020

How does the Dynafit Ultra 100 run?

Especially when trail shoes are designed for ultra trails, there are usually some sacrifices to be made in terms of dynamics or comfort. The Dynafit Ultra 100 is surprisingly different. The trail shoe not only lets you run over the trails in a relaxed pace, the Ultra 100 is also designed for fast downhills.

This is ensured by a very well balanced mix of features: a lot of stability and comfort, but also sufficient dynamics through the midsole. This means that even flatter sections over dirt tracks run dynamically and the outsole is not too aggressive. On hot summer days I found the ventilation to be really good, but you should be careful in high and wet grass, because there the upper lets the water into the shoe quickly.

The Dynafit Ultra 100 Trailrunning shoe convinces with a lot of comfort and grip on alpine trail runs

The Dynafit Ultra 100 trail running shoes at a glance

  Dynafit Ultra 100 trail running shoe
Weight 8    
Damping 8    
Reactivity 8    
Grip 10  
Stability 9    
Gender Women & Men
Weight 290g (Women ) & 330g (Men)
Off set 6 mm
Sole Ultra Midsole & POMOCA Outsole
Upper breathable mesh
Fit normal
Application Trail running shoes for long distances
Shoe type Neutral trail running shoes
Price 115,90 - 127,90 € *


With the Dynafit Ultra 100 you get very agile running shoes with enough comfort for ultra-rails on the foot. The package is rounded off with a great fit and good grip. Certainly a bit oversized for the 10 kilometer house lap, but all the better on the long edges.

The Dynafit Ultra 100 trail running shoe is perfect for long trail runs in alpine terrain

* The actual price may differ from the price indicated here. It depends on current offers and the model.

Credits: Jan Lau
Photos: Carsten Beier