What should practical outdoor bags be like? What accessories do you need? What’s the best way to transport sports equipment like skis or bikes? Swedish freestyle skier Jon Olsson has also asked himself these questions. His answer was to partner up with Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas in 2012 to create the brand Douchebags. The practical and, above all, chic rucksacks and bags soon became bestsellers, and the label continued to develop its products’ designs and features. After launching the really cool Camo collection, we now have a completely new range of bags for you. Douchebags Scholar REDefined We recently introduced you to Douchebags’ strictly limited Friends & Family collection. Now we’d like to present another highly exclusive range: Douchebags RED|efined. Black leather and red details are what (re)define these amazing bags. Together with British photographer and influencer Ron Timehin, Douchebags has launched a new line of outdoor bags and rucksacks that are far from ordinary. It’s time to learn more about the strictly limited edition, the bags and rucksacks, and the London-based photographer.

Douchebags Red Webbing Base 15L Daypack

Just like its big brother, the Scholar, the Base is perfect for work, uni, school and day trips. Apart from its 15” laptop compartment, it also offers a lot of additional space for equipment. There’s a zip running the entire length of the bag, meaning that you can access your gear with a single hand movement. The Quick-Attachment system allows you to fasten this small rucksack onto bigger ones, so travelling with several bags is now significantly easier. The black-red Douchebag RED|efined editions of the 15L Base and the Scholar look amazing no matter where you wear them. Douchebags Base 15l REDefined

Red Webbing Bastard 60L or 90L bag

Both the Little Bastard (60L) and the Big Bastard (90L) are cleverly organised travel bags that are ready for all occasions. These large duffel bag trolleys come with a large main compartment that offers loads of storage space for your laptop. Equipment and clothes. The extendable handle means that you don’t have to haul your luggage but can easily pull it along behind you. Hook-Up is strap-based system that allows you to fasten other Douchebags, like the Base 15L, the Hugger 30L or even the Hugger 60L onto your Little or Big Bastard. What this means for you is having less weight on your shoulders. Like all the models in the collection, the Bastard and the Hugger bags come in an eye-catching black-and-red RED|efined look. Douchebags Hugger und Bastard REDefined

Douchebags Red Webbing Aviator travel bag

The ‘frequent traveller’ Douchebags bag is called the Aviator. Like the name suggests, it’s made for people who fly on a regular basis. Unlike the Hugger and the Bastard, this bag has a robust outer shell, so it’s hardwearing, stylish and minimalistic. The storage space is suited to all kinds of trips - from a weekend escape to a journey around the world. The Aviator Douchebag also comes with the Hook-Up system, should you need to attach an additional bag or rucksack, like the Hugger 30L. 30706930_1824859627552865_7256418809337085952_o

Ron Timehin: photographer, influencer and social media adviser

Douchebags has succeeded in engaging the collaboration of Ron Timehin from London to launch the label’s new strictly limited RED|efined collection. The professional photographer lives in London and focuses on streets, landscapes, cityscapes and portraits. For him, being on the go and enjoying endless different sights are the highlights of his career. “Travel is a big factor in my life. So I try to get away at least once a month. I feel this helps with not only my development creatively, but also as person”, he says. This isn’t the only factor that makes him an ideal user of Douchebags’ products. He travels a lot and he wants to be flexible, so he wants bags that can be worn in the city and also out in nature. “As a street photographer your life can vary drastically, and that’s exactly why I love the work I do”. What do you think of @rontimehin’s work?