Our partner Diadora launched its new BLUSHIELD damping technology for running shoes in 2017. According to the brand, BLUSHIELD supports the natural rolling motion of the foot while you run. Apart from that, the midsole balances out any asymmetry that might occur from differences between the right foot and the left one. Now, in 2018, Diadora has decided to use its running shoe technology in tennis shoes. We’re now going to introduce you to Diadora BLUSHIELD technology and to the brand’s BLUSHIELD tennis shoes.

Diadora BLUSHIELD technology

The sole technology launched by Diadora in 2017 consists of two main components: the so-called Morpho base is a light EVA Elaston foam. This hard foam has been anatomically designed to fit the shape of your foot, protecting and supporting it whenever you put your weight on it. The other component of this Diadora technology is called Zero Strain Nucleo - made of a rubber-like Gel material that spans the entire length of the footbed. This material should not be confused with ASICS Gel. Diadora claims that Nucleo is wear and tear-resistant and that works in symphony with the damping to guarantee a gentle feel while you run. Diadora BLUSHIELD technology also neutralises any pronation imbalance, so you enjoy a more dynamic, healthier and faster rolling phase. If you’re wondering what pronation is exactly, read on to find out. Diadora Speed BLUESHIELD Fly AG Damen beim Schlag

The new Diadora BLUSHIELD tennis shoes

The benefits of a symmetrical rolling motion are not just helpful to runners, which is why Diadora decided to apply their 2017 BLUSHIELD running shoe technology to tennis shoes. With this technology, tennis footwear enables more dynamic directional changes and a faster game in general. Try it out for yourself and feel the difference.

Diadora Speed BLUSHIELD Fly AG

The new Diadora Speed BLUSHIELD Fly AG comes with all kinds of features that will improve your game. Apart from the aforementioned BLUSHIELD technology, these tennis shoes come with a Supreltech upper that’s particularly robust. Apart from that, the Air Mesh + Dia Shield provides even more stability, comfort and breathability. The integrated CCB system offers additional support to the midfoot. The outsole of the Speed BLUSHIELD Fly is made of a hardwearing Duratech 5000 rubber mix. This all-court shoe was designed for hard floors. Speed, sure-footedness, balance and lightness are the key features of a great tennis shoe with a modern design. Click here to see the men’s and women’s models in our shop. Diadora Speed BLUSHIELD Fly Aufschlag If you often play on clay courts and soft floors, we would recommend you try the Diadora Speed BLUSHIELD Clay, which is well suited to these kinds of surfaces. The models for both genders come in black, though the men’s has orange details while the women’s has coral ones. These, too, can be found in our shop.

Pronation - what is it?

During the rolling phase of a stride, the foot tends to bend inwards. This rotation is called pronation - it’s perfectly normal and it helps the foot distribute your weight more efficiently. Overpronation, however, is when the foot bends too much. There is no fixed line or measurement that divides normal pronation from overpronation, as different sources and experts disagree on what specific angle on the scale marks the beginning of overpronation. The easiest way to find out if you suffer from overpronation or not is to have an expert analyse your gait cycle. Because of the lack of unanimity on the exact particulars of overpronation, there are also differing opinions on how common overpronation is among runners. Nonetheless, we know for certain that it does affect a considerably large amount of people. Another factor to take into account is that the right and left foot seldom have the same angle of pronation. This is where Diadora BLUSHIELD technology comes in - its polynuclear core works together with the ergonomic Morpho base to neutralise pronation. The result? You won’t suffer from overpronation anymore and you’ll enjoy a symmetrical and dynamic rolling phase while running or playing tennis.