Although we don’t really want to admit it, we’ve got to be honest - summer’s already passed. The temperatures have sunk, the sun only peeps through the dark clouds now and again and the autumn wind is starting to blow. It’s also no surprise when the weather turns and we get caught in a sudden rain shower. - But there’s no reason to worry! Autumn brings with it some benefits too. Now we can practise sports outside during the day without getting sunstroke or suffering from circulation problems. We can walk around the city and sip a coffee out in the open without breaking into a sweat. Apart from that, here in Munich we’re all looking forward to the thousands of people coming to join us in cheering “O'zapft is” at the Oktoberfest. Marmot_2016_PreCip-2249 To ensure you make the most of the grumpy autumn weather, we have the perfect clothes for you in our selection. In our shop, you can find functional jackets and shoes from the highest quality brands, such as GORE RUNNING WEAR®, The North Face® or Marmot - they’ll all help you achieve your aims during this variable and unpredictable season. - Following the motto of “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing”, you can still pursue your favourite outdoor activities, be it sports, a city trip at the weekend or a walk in the local park. Marmot_2016_PreCip-2764 What makes these products so functional in bad, windy weather? - The products in our selection that protect you from the wind and the rain are equipped with outstanding technologies. The most famous and widely used is GORE- TEX® technology. Being wind- and waterproof, it features in many jackets from GORE RUNNING WEAR® and GORE BIKE WEAR®, but also those from The North Face®, Dynafit and other popular brands. Outdoor shoes from Asics, Salomon, Salewa and others are also equipped with a GORE- TEX® membrane. - In a previous post, which you can find here, you can read into the benefits of GORE- TEX® Active products with Shakedry technology. - While browsing through our shop you’ll find other technologies too. One of them is Dryvent™, by The North Face®, another being NanoPro™ technology from Marmot - find out more about them by watching the video.

Many brands develop their own technologies to protect you from the wind and the rain, and some products might seem more advanced than others. There’s no need for confusion, though, as our article descriptions tell you everything you need to know about the product’s properties. Shoes or clothes that are described as waterproof will not let you down when it rains. - If after reading our descriptions you still have a question about a certain product, we’ll be happy to help you! Just write us an email or contact us via Facebook. And now, time to go outdoors - don’t fear the rain! GORETEX Active SHAKEDRY ONE GORE-TEX ACTIVE GORETEX jglrof jglrof9900 Running Run Women Lady black GORE ONE GORE RUNNING WEAR® GORE-TEX SU17 FW17 su/17 su/all wi/17/18 wi/all