After giving you a few tips last week on how to beat the cold, this week we want to share with you how best to deal with the wind. Wind can become one of your worst nightmares when it comes to outdoor training. Whether you're on foot or on your bicycle, when strong winds blow, a short workout can quickly become a tough, seemingly endless battle. This is why many runners consider wind to be one of their greatest motivation challenges during training. You can, however, use wind as support while you run by either using it as extra power when it works as tailwind, or to run against the wind and make your training more effective. Here we have a couple of tips to cope with training in strong winds:Day_2_Shot_2_Male_0106_HurricaneISO2

The right clothes: wear close-fitting, smooth clothes to reduce wind resistance and to avoid being distracted by flapping clothes. This also means you can run faster when the wind blows strong.

The right company: run in a group of friends. As is the case with cycling, when you run, the people around you shield you from some of the wind. Swap positions within the group so everyone gets a turn at getting some rest from being blown away. If you still don't have a running group, join the Isar Run and come along with us!man-running-forest-1190x1190-1190x944

The right speed: when you run, adjust your speed to depending on the wind. The faster you run, the more resistance you get from the wind. Experiment a bit to find the right balance between speed and resistance.

The right uses: wind is not just an enemy. It can serve to cool you down when you feel too warm - but be careful not to risk getting ill. Make sure you cover up your neck above all and don't get too cold.Nike_HO12_Running_2_original

Source: Under Armour