Even though the cold makes you want to stay at home, running in lower temperatures does have its advantages. The body uses up up to 30% more energy to keep you warm, meaning that your number of calories burnt rockets. Apart from that, your immune system is made stronger and oxygen is used more efficiently. These tips will help you overcome the cold:

Wear the right layers: With a compression top as a baselayer, a loose-fitting midlayer and a windbreaker for insulation you're well equipped for the cold. It's best to have a high collar or wear a scarf so the air your breathe in has the chance to warm up a little before it reaches your lungs.wi/16/17 wi/all

Eat, eat, eat! Food not only gives your body strength, it also keeps you warm thanks to the so-called thermogenesis process. Small, regular snacks are perfect for this.


Energetic warm-ups: These will help you break the vicious cycle of staying put and will increase blood-flow to your extremities. Add that to active stretches are you're well on your way to the perfect run.

Drink: The cold can sometimes make you feel like you're not thirsty, but drinking while you work out is just as important in cold temperatures as it is in warm ones. Pack lukewarm water in a bottle so your throat doesn't suffer from too much cold and dry air.

Vitamin D: In winter, sunlight hours become scarcer every day, so you should include vitamin D-rich foods in your diet, such as egg yolks, oily fish or solid dairy.


You can soon find out how to beat the other winter elements in the following posts in our Guide.

Source: Under Armour