Last weekend many people in Germany and other countries, especially in big cities, were surprised by the first snowfall of the season. After giving you tips on how to battle the wind and the cold, we also have some advice to share on how to beat snow and ice so you don't have to postpone your training. Snow and ice are a special case because they affect the ground and, for sports like running, this means you need a high level of balance, technique and strength to overcome it. During every step you have to concentrate on not slipping. The nice thing about running in winter, though, is the fresh air and the fact that the streets are usually empty. Check out the tips to enjoy a sporty and (hopefully) white winterlander_cgi_primary_100114

Traction is everything: In order to minimise risk of injury you should wear shoes with a thick tread and lots of grip. Trail running shoes are great for the job; apart from the required thick tread, they also offer good damping. As well as this, trail running shoes are often equipped with a waterproof membrane that will prove useful in the snow.

Keep your limbs warm: Many people already know they should wear warmer clothes, but don't forget about your limbs. Warm socks, hats, gloves and fleece-lined clothing are perfect for a winter run.The-Definitive-Guide-4

Take shorter steps: If you reduce the length of your strides you'll reduce the risk of slipping and hurting yourself. Shorter steps make you safer and offer a more solid stance. They also help slow you down a little - you should adjust your step frequency and stride length to suit the weather. As mentioned above, running in the snow requires a lot more strength and concentration, making the whole sport more tiring overall. Run at a slower pace and for a shorter distance, but keep your rhythm steady and stable.

Look for powder: No, we don't mean head off to the skiing slopes. Freshly fallen snow is also good on the road - run on this kind of snow and you'll have much better support than on compact snow. NIKE-FLASH-PACK-WINTER-RUNNING-GEAR-BY-NIKE-05

Source: Under Armour