The Olympic Games in Rio ended this week. For two weeks we have been able to watch some very impressive performances; among them was that by Ashton Eaton, who managed to win the gold medal in the decathlon, just as he did in London 2012. Here we present four innovations designed by his sponsor, Nike, which helped Eaton win the decathlon in Rio:

1. The Nike cool cap

Decathletes are subjected to long hours in direct sunlight during the throwing and jumping disciplines. It is for this reason that Nike invented the Cooling Hood, which protects the wearer against direct sunlight and cools the head just as much as throwing water over it. Apart from that, athletes look a little like superheroes while wearing this cap.GettyImages-591595568_native_1600 (1)

2. The Shot-Put-Sleeve

During Shot Put, the wrist bends to give the ball additional boost – with the Nike Shot-Put-Sleeve this movement is supported. As well as this, the tightness with which the sleeve wraps around the wrist can be adjusted, unlike a taped wrist. All in all, this product will improve your Shot Put confidence.GettyImages-591464964_native_1600

3. The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

The innovative shoe, which was designed above all for sprints, focuses on giving you forward drive and energy return. Spikes can be added or taken off the stiff plate to suit the athlete’s requirements. This means that screw-on spikes are no longer needed and the shoe can be adjusted to the foot-size and running-type of the wearer.FA16_Rio_RN_Superfly_Spike_3Q_hd_1600

4. The trolley bag

The Nike Roller Bag makes the preparation and organisation phase before a competition much easier. Its various integrated compartments are organised by sport discipline and offer enough space for various pairs of shoes, clothing, tapes and other pieces of equipment. Like this there is no room for confusion during the race itself, too. This bag saves time and energy and allows the athlete to concentrate fully on the competition.GettyImages-591875992_native_1600