We recently asked you to give your opinion on Facebook about what a hiking shoe should and shouldn’t be and have. For us, it’s essential to have the necessary grip and good stability. Weight is also a vital aspect to consider. If you look at hiking shoes from 20 years ago, you’ll see that they were extremely heavy and made of full leather - not what you’d want to wear nowadays to climb a mountain. Our outdoor partner Dachstein is of the same opinion and has launched a brand new hiking shoe series. Using the name “Super Leggera” (“super light” in English), Dachstein has designed hiking shoes that don’t look or feel like hiking shoes at all but nonetheless offer excellent performance on the mountain. We’d like to introduce you to the Dachstein Super Leggera DDS shoes:

05 10 2016 - Dachstein SS17 Heutal 1231

The first two things you notice when you hold these hiking boots in your hands are the super low weight and the Knit upper. You might think that knitted material, usually used for running shoes, isn’t appropriate for outdoor shoes but you’d be wrong in assuming that. The Super Leggera’s upper adjusts to the foot just like a sock. The waterproof DryDs membrane also keeps your foot dry at all times, so you can walk in the rain without shying away from puddles. On the top part of the upper, a synthetic material layer keeps stones and debris out of the shoe. Apart from providing a high level of comfort, the Vibram® MotionFlex sole offers an optimal grip for secure hikes. We’re really impressed with this comfortable, stylish, performance-oriented hiking shoe from Dachstein. What do you think of it?

05 10 2016 - Dachstein SS17 Heutal 1746

05 10 2016 - Dachstein SS17 Heutal 1587