Summer 2017 is in full swing and it’s making us want to move and have fun out in nature. Having functional footwear in which you feel comfortable is a must. The latest highlights from the innovative outdoor shoe brand Dachstein offer perfect support during your outdoor adventures and also look cool with their fresh, urban design.

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In our selection, you can find the sensitive yet performance-oriented Spürsinn EVO, which has established itself as the perfect approach and speed hiking shoe. The high-performance model was designed in collaboration with brand ambassador Andy Holzer and is perfect for you if you want a natural running experience. Apart from that function, this shoe also offers excellent freedom of movement, as well as a modern, unique look. Read this post to find out about the Spürsinn EVO and how it was developed.

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Are you looking for reliable footwear for long hikes that is both waterproof and breathable and doesn’t weigh you down? The Super Leggera DDS is perfect for you! This hiking shoe is super comfortable for longer hikes, thanks to its light weight, great fit and seamless knit material. As well as the mid-cut variant, we also have the Super Leggera in a low-cut version in our selection.

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Dachstein shoes are passionately made with the aim of allowing you to move freely in nature and they boast exceptional quality. The brand’s obsession with the mountains is reflected in its products’ every detail. You’ll soon find out that your Dachstein shoes will bring you great joy and will never leave you in the lurch. Here you can find out more about this cool outdoor brand.

Apart from the two latest models, in our selection you can find many more high-quality hiking and trekking shoes from Dachstein - check them out here. Have fun shopping =)