In our selection, you’ll find bike clothing by the innovative brand CRAFT. For over 40 years, this Swedish brand based in Borås has been designing technical sports clothing for endurance sports. We’ve added this brand to our selection just for you. As a pioneer in the field of functional underwear, CRAFT has now become the worldwide market leader in its segment.

This brand enables you to achieve new personal bests by providing you with functional sports clothing. The manufacturing process is all based on the use of the garments - each sports discipline requires a specific set of functions from the clothes you wear. This is why CRAFT works in collaboration with top athletes from around the world who specialise in different sports. CRAFT equips several individual sportspeople, teams and even whole national teams with sports gear. In turn, all of these people are involved in the design of the brand’s products, so the company (and its customers) benefit from their expertise.

CRAFT: BIKE CLOTHES for your personal best

CRAFT products are made of high-quality materials specially chosen to fulfil specific functions and meet your needs. We now have this brand’s latest products in our shop for both male and female bike fanatics. From functional underwear and bike shorts to jerseys and jackets - we offer you the very best for your favourite outdoor sport. The bright, colourful and modern designs of CRAFT’s bike clothes only enhance the garments’ great functionality.

Summer is almost here, which is why we now have the latest and most innovative CRAFT bike clothing in our selection. The women’s Velo Art tops and the men’s Glow jerseys impress above all with their superb cooling properties. Thanks to Stay Cool technology, you benefit from outstanding temperature management when you cycle on particularly hot days. Moisture is wicked away from the skin by special Multi-Channel fibres, which also enhance the garment’s breathability. The jerseys also come with UPF 50+ to shield you from harmful rays. Two-way stretch material delivers the best freedom of movement you could wish. With this jersey, you can give it your all even on hot summer days.

We also have different bib shorts in our selection specially for ambitious cyclists like you. Both women and men are sure to find the perfect garment. The bib shorts are ideal for those who cycle several times a week. Your muscle activity is supported by the special Lycra® Sport Energy material, while the compression effect reduces muscle vibrations. This compression supports your muscles, joints and ligaments while you exercise and speeds up the recovery process afterwards. Special Coldblack® technology stops you getting hot and flustered and also shields you from harmful UV rays. For you, this means improved temperature management. These are shorts that will live up to all of your expectations, whether you’re an amateur cyclist or a pro.

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With CRAFT, you’ll be perfectly equipped for cycling sports. Men and women can all find plenty of CRAFT bike clothes in our selection. Be it for mountain biking or road cycling - with ‘CRAFT of Sweden’, you benefit from several years of cycling expertise. World-class athletes work together with CRAFT’s own expert team to create products specially designed around your needs and your outdoor activity. Modern designs, trendy cuts and popular colours and patterns make these products stand out from the crowd, so you can feel functional and look stylish whenever you’re on your bike wearing CRAFT clothing. We’re very proud to be able to offer you CRAFT clothes in our selection, from functional underwear to cycling pants and bike jackets. Have fun browsing!