Thanks to the collaboration with our partner adidas, from Tuesday 17th January until Saturday 28th we will have the adidas Supernova running collection on display in our Keller Sports Store in Munich. Apart from Supernova running shoes we have also stocked up on clothing from the current collection - from running pants and tops to running hoodies, you can now get yourself a brand new running outfit from our store.


Apart from buying the products, you also have an exclusive chance to borrow a pair of Supernova shoes throughout the entire duration of the event, which is almost two weeks! You have two options: either borrow the shoes directly from our store (leaving some ID as a deposit) and set off for a run along the beautiful Isar river, or take part in one of our many running events and try the shoes out in a group.

Our running group, the Isar Run, sets off from the Keller Sports Store every Tuesday at 7pm and every Saturday at 11am. Our trainers, Lisa and Chris, welcome everyone to come along, regardless of fitness level. If needed, the trainers will adjust the group and split it into sub-groups to cater for different needs.

Apart from that, on 18th and 25th January (both Wednesdays at 7pm) the adidas Runner Munich run will begin at our store too. You are, of course, all invited to that too. Adidas running Coach Timo Kantereit will serve as the leader of the group. As an experienced marathon runner, he will happily answer any questions you may have and offer tips - he will even give you his opinion on the adidas Supernova shoes.


As always, you’re welcome to leave your valuables in the lockers we have in our store while you run along the wonderful Isar trying out the new Supernova shoes, be it alone or as part of the group.

We look forward to having fun with adidas and welcoming you all to the Keller Sports Store, on 120 Auenstraße, Munich.

Your Keller Sports Store team